AMD Threadripper 2990WX vs Intel i9-7980XE

We put the two fastest CPU’s in the world head to head.

Intel vs AMD

With the announcement of AMD’s wild new Threadripper CPU, the team announced they had made the world’s most-powerful desktop processor. But how does this new chip stack up against the best chip from main rival Intel? We worked up this handy little table for you to compare the two main chips side by side, hopefully helping you to pick out the best chip for your needs.



Intel Core i9-7980XE




Base Clock/Boost Clock



L3 Cache



PCI-e Lanes









From this chart alone, it looks like a pretty solid win for AMD on basically every front. And for a lot of users, that is absolutely true. The new Threadripper chip is faster than Intel’s best offering on paper, but there are other things to consider. One of the biggest things to consider is that TDP rating. The AMD chip takes a lot more electricity to run, which makes it more expensive to use, and that also means it needs a better cooling solution to keep it from overheating. For users trying to build smaller work stations, or for anyone looking to cut down on overall system power usage, the Intel is the better chip.

Of course, we also have to understand that on average, Intel still outperforms AMD on a “clock-by-clock” basis. Basically if both chips use the exact same number of cores and the exact same clock speed, Intel is usually faster. This has to do with instruction-per-clock efficiency and better memory latency. So if you are not absolutely using the maximum ability of the Threadripper PC, you may find that your fancy new chip is a little slower than what Intel has to offer.

We don’t currently have a chip on hand to provide you with hard data (yet) but you can find some great reviews out there from other reputable outlets like Anandtech and Hard OCP.  So yes, AMD’s new Threadripper is the best chip the company has ever released for the desktop community, but it may not always be the best option for you.

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