Building Analogy.Tech’s Testing PC: Project ZR1

A heaping helping of power and a dash of flair.

Proejct ZR1 Corvette Gaming PC (1)

Coming up soon, we are going to dive deeper into testing and reviewing software, gaming peripherals and PC hardware, and that means we need a powerful computer to do all that testing with. So we have assembled and incredible roster of high-end parts to make sure we have a machine that will be able to push almost any new piece of software of hardware to its fullest extent.

And because we love a good bit of flashiness, we even gave it a name. This is Project ZR1, and we are happy to introduce you to this powerhouse.

Why Build A Powerful PC?

Before we get into the guts of this particular machine, let’s talk about why we built it to start with. is on a mission to bring you guys the best content we can, along with the most in-depth explanations on new technology. Sometimes that means we will need to spend some serious hands-on time with certain pieces of hardware or software. To ensure that we are able to get the most out of any new piece of tech, we have to make sure that our equipment isn’t hampering our testing.

Having more powerful hardware also allows us to test certain scenarios and bring you better write-ups about how certain upgrades can affect and enhance your productivity, gaming, workflow and more. For example, trying to test new cooling solutions will be ineffective if we have a low-power system that doesn’t produce much heat. Trying to see if a new update to Adobe Creative Cloud provides noticeable performance boosts will be nearly impossible if we have a computer that is too slow to properly use that software to start with.

So without further ado, let’s move into the good stuff. Let’s get introduced to Project ZR1, the main testing rig

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