Building The Ultimate Modern Living Room: Part 3

Where to find the best content for your new living room

Netflix Living Room

We already walked you through the process of deciphering all the new acronyms and technology terms that come with the modern iteration of the living room. From HDR and HDMI to Dolby Atmos, we covered what new tech is important and what it all means. If you missed that, be sure to check it out HERE.

But now that you know the why it’s time for us to tell you about the what. Here at we are very fortunate to get the chance to experience, study and test lots of different pieces of technology. After months of research into products on the market, we have come up with our own personal take on the ultimate modern living room.

From that list, we actually went out and built that room to make sure everything works as we expected. This is not just some list of things of things we think you should buy, this is a look at what products WE ACTUALLY USE in our very own iteration of the ultimate modern living room.

Today is all about getting the best content to your screen.

Now that you have a screen to see modern content, and you have a stereo hear that content, let’s talk about how to actually get that fancy new 4K, HDR and Atmos goodness into your living room.

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