Dell Goes Big With 49-Inch QHD Monitor

A world’s first productivity monster.


If you thought the idea of having an ultrawide monitor like our 34” Alienware sounded pretty good, but you really just need a little bit more space, then Dell would like to talk to you. They just released UltraSharp U4919DW and it’s the world’s first 32:9 monitor with a QHD resolution. It’s that last part, the QHD resolution, that really makes this monitor special. Last year Samsung showed off its own 32:9 ratio monitor, but it featured a relatively low vertical resolution of just 1080p. The result was a monitor that looked like a cool design experiment, but in normal usage it left a lot to be desired.

Face it, in this day and age 1080p just doesn’t really cut it. That’s a huge part of why we loved our Alienware panel. Having that larger vertical resolution of 1440p dramatically increases usable screen real estate and visual sharpness. Now you can have that same sort of experience, but with a whole extra 15” of screen to work with. Total pixel resolution is an eye-popping 5120×1440.


Now yes, before you start asking too many questions, this panel would technically be capable of gaming, but that is not who this is designed for. No, this monitor is ideal for anyone who already uses two 27” monitors and just wants to reduce desk clutter, or streamline their work station. For those of you who work on massive spreadsheets, or operate in the finance stock market fields, this could be your dream display.

Be ready to pay for it though. The monitor launches at the end of the month with an MSRP as big as the display itself, $1699.

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