F1 2018 Review

This could be the best Formula One simulation ever created for a console


When it comes to yearly releases of sports games, it can be hard to find ways to make a game compelling. When it comes to a sport like Formula 1, the problem is compounded by minimal shifts in rules, drivers or teams from year to year. But somehow, through sheer determination and polishing, Codemasters appears to have created the most faithful representation of modern F1 racing, both to its benefit and its detriment.

Years Of Struggles

When it comes to F1 games, 2013 was long the pinnacle. It featured classic cars, tons of tracks, and it just felt good to play. From there it was sort of a downward spiral to a crash with F1 2015, the series lowest point to date. From that wreckage, the team at Codemasters has slowly been developing its game, graphics engine, and play modes. Every year the games showed more promise, came with more features, and each one felt better than the last.

But with those new features came a feeling of confusion. Each new feature felt like a good idea, that somehow wasn’t fully executed. F1 2016 brought a great career mode with hints of off-track interactions. F1 2017 expanded further with a complex skill and development tree that felt ripped out of a vintage RPG. Now with F1 2018, Codemasters has trimmed the fat, refined the god ideas, and they finally created a cohesive and enjoyable package that covers every facet of modern F1 racing.

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