How to Play Fornite on iPhone and iPad

How to install and get the popular game on your iOS device


Fortnite is taking the internet by storm and chances are if you haven’t heard of if already you will soon. It’s garnered the attention of some celebrities like Drake who have played against professional gamers on live streams on Twitch.

Fortnite has been around for awhile, but most recently has hit a high note by opening up a client for iOS. What makes this unique though is that everyone plays on the same server not matter what device they are using.

This means that the people playing it on a console like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will be up against players on PC or Mac or even on the latest iOS client. Most multiplayer games normally divide players up based on the device, so XBox players are only playing against other console players.

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite: Battle Royale, has begun sending out invite codes to those who got on the list early and will be rolling out more as they expand server capacity. To get yourself on the list now head over to the Fortnite Website. You’ll need to create an account with Epic if you aren’t already a player for one of their systems, but it’s an easy process to complete.

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If you’ve got a friend who’s already received their invite for the iOS mobile game, hit them up as they all get 5 extra invites to send out to friends.

Just watch your email after you’ve signed up, but expect the wait to be longer than a week. The demand has skyrocketed with the latest news of the games popularity.

While you wait on your invite, you can get the app downloaded onto your device now. You can request the invite after downloading the app if you had trouble with the website.

Check out some video of Fortnite from Epic Games, be prepared to get hooked.

We’ll update this article if the signup process changes, and keep an eye out for some reviews of Fortnite here on Analogy Tech. I’ll give some opinions on the game from the PC/Mac side while I too wait on my iOS update. Spoiler: I’ve been playing for just a few days and I’m addicted.

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Written by Jake Schaaf

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