How to Backup Your Smartphone

Whether backing up an Android or Apple device, here’s some information to help users keep all their data safe

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Whether a phone is acting up and needs to be restored or it was recently purchased and needing to be setup, we have a guide to help users backup smartphones. Backing up smartphones isn’t too terribly difficult, and any user should familiarize themselves enough with their phones to do so, both for sentimental and security reasons.

Backing up phones can be done through third-party cloud storage or by-wire to personal computers. While it’s a little different between Android vs. Apple users, both operating systems offer the same ways of backing up a phone.

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It’s useful to back-up a phone so that none of your information is lost if there’s ever a problem or when switching to a new device. If a restore is necessary, the previous configuration, information and settings can be restored or used in a new device.

Few backups repopulate your home screen and other pages as they had been, so its strongly suggested to take screen-captures of your device every so often or before a major restore. The photos will either be saved to your cloud storage or you can email them to yourself for later reference.

Backing Up Smartphones – Apple

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Apple gives every user a built-in backup method. Anyone who uses the Apple ID and iCloud are already starting to backup their phone. Apple ID and iCloud backup the user’s contacts, documents, downloads, messages and OS settings. To backup music, Apple users should use iTunes backup.

Apple users can have their phone backup automatically when associated with the user’s home Wifi network or they can backup manually by pressing the “Back Up Now” button. Since iCloud also backs up photos and videos, users may run out of space. iCloud comes with 5GB of free storage with storage expansion plans starting around $1 a month.

Computer-based iTunes can also back up Apple devices. Hook the iPhone or iPad to the computer and allow the phone to “Trust this Computer”.


Apple users can still backup much of their information to Google, if they also use a Google account. Information will automatically be saved via iCloud, but it can also be saved for Google apps. If users utilize the Google app-suite (or Microsoft app-suite), then it’s suggested that they associate their Google information with their Apple phone for better device-to-device accessibility.

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