HTC Looking To Make VR Better With Wireless Adapter

Does cutting the cable make all the difference?

VIVE Wireless Adapter
The new Vive Wireless Adapter cuts the cable back to the PC, delivering an unprecedented VR experience for Vive customers. (PRNewsfoto/HTC VIVE)

When it comes to future technology, VR always seems to be the holy grail of entertainment. From video games to movies and even educational experiences, we are fed promises of being transported to another world with the power of virtual reality. Despite the launch of some very capable headsets from Oculus and HTC/Valve, the promise of VR still hasn’t really exploded in the mainstream. Now though, HTC is taking the next step in VR tech by introducing a wireless adapter for the Vive and Vive Pro headsets.

For a lot of people, the effort of using a scaled VR setup like the Vive is just too much hassle. Not only do you need to have a large open space to use it, but you have to mount “lighthouse” sensors on the walls, and then finally you have to deal with the huge mess of cables that attach the Vive to your computer. And it’s that last part that is really the biggest issue. Trying to walk around a room, while also avoiding a 20 foot cable snaked around your feet is obnoxious and at times dangerous. So now, instead of hauling out your headset, running all those cables and then playing your games, the Vive Wireless Adapter looks to make the process cleaner, simpler, and safer.

The new adapter uses Intel’s WiGig technology, and HTC claims its good for latency-free use in spaces as large as 20’x20’. It makes use of a special battery pack that is rated for more than 2 hours of use. Considering the toll that VR can take on a player, we think that is more than long enough.

The only real problem with the wireless adapter is a problem that most VR headsets share, and that is cost. At a price of $300, on top of the already expensive Vive Headset, and the cost of a gaming PC, this new technology is still priced outside the means of many users. Still, we have high hopes and hope this new adapter will continue to make VR more loved by the consumers at large.

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