How Do I Extend the Battery Life of My iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

Modern phones are better with battery life, but how do you maximize it for the best performance?

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Is there a quick trick to extend my battery life?

While there is no magic trick to double or triple your battery life, there are a few neat ways that you can add that extra bit of oompf. Here’s a couple that have proven to increase the time needed between charges.

  1. Keep notifications to a minimum. Those constant alerts you’ve got set so you know when the Indians scored can have an impact, not only because they light up the screen (the biggest battery hog) but because of the processing they do too.
  2. Don’t play games all day. I’m guilty of this one though, and days that I’m too busy to play a few minutes here and there I actually make it without a recharge. Everyone has their favorites and they all vary, but Clash Royale is a HUGE battery drain on my iPhone X. So, days I’ve only had maybe 10 free minutes and need to keep my ADHD mind moving my battery has done great. But, if it’s a day where I’ve got a lot of downtime waiting on a computer to finish a task or some other time gap and I’m on Clash to make the time go faster I’ve got to recharge well before bedtime.
  3. Keep your screen brightness down. It should be obvious, but the darker the screen the better the battery life. I usually keep mine down about 60% and let the auto adjust do it’s thing.

What are some basic things I can do to start saving battery life?

Turn down your brightness

Your screen is probably the biggest drain on your battery, and having it at full brightness will drain your battery quick. I normally run about 60% brightness most of the time, and adjust it manually as the situation warrants.

Delete Facebook

In my personal experience the one major thing I did that improved by battery life might not be the most popular one. Facebook, it’s the number one battery drainer of everything I’ve experienced in the past few years.

I’m sure that Snapchat and some others are the same, but after I deleted the native Facebook app for iPhone my battery life was better by an hour or more per day. The constant updating it does in the background, even though it’s not supposed to be doing much, was a drain.

The alerts are countless and exasperate the issues. And let’s not forget the psychological need to check for new alerts or posts even if we don’t get a notification. That screen time chews through the battery like mad.

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If you want one magical thing to try, I implore you to just delete that Facebook app and watch the average battery life increase. I’d be safe wagering that not one person that uses the Facebook app, and then deletes it to test me, would not see an increase in battery life. Give it a week and the average time before needing a recharge will be extended a good hour or so for most of you.

Try inverting colors

While there isn’t a true “dark mode” for the iPhone, there is a way to get something close. You can find the option by digging into the iOS Settings and choosing General, then Accessibility, and finally Display Accommodations. For smart invert colors, choose Invert Colors, then select Smart Invert.

Go oldschool with grayscale

If you can live without the vibrant colors, grayscale can help battery life quite a bit. With the OLED displays, the pixels are lit for the vibrant colors. So in turn, with black or darker colors far less energy is used to power those pixels up.

This one if found also in iOS Settings, then head back into Accessibility like above and you select Color Filters. From there, you can slide the switch on and then select Grayscale.

You know you want to go extreme, enable low-power mode

Ok, so if that’s not quite enough for you and you want to set yourself apart flip on low-power mode. Of course a cool feature like “Hey siri” won’t work and there won’t be automatic mail fetch, but you might just squeeze out a day and half!

Hit up iOS Settings and scroll down to Battery. Once you’re there it’s simple, slide the switch on next to Low Power Mode and just feel that battery sigh in relief.

Hopefully you can get a few more hours out of your iPhone X of your new iPhone 8 by using a few of these tips. I know it’s a never ending battle with modern smartphones and the small batteries they all have. I just wish manufacturers would make them a tad thicker and use that space to give us at least a half day more battery then we get now. Until then, keep those chargers close at hand.

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Written by Jake Schaaf

Jake has been a tech geek his entire life starting with the Commodore 64 his parents bought him at the age of 13 around 1990. His experience and knowledge is mostly self-taught and through real-world experience. Some of that experience includes a stint in communications with the Army National Guard. He is a husband and father and enjoys making memories with his family. He is also an entrepreneur that has built a well respected and growing IT consulting firm.

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