Is Apple Making an iPhone SE Plus?

Rumors point to Apple’s “cheap” phone getting a plus-sized upgrade

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For the last several years, it has been pretty easy to predict what Apple’s next iPhone was going to offer consumers. An iterative design, slightly more processing power, and similar to slightly boosted battery life as the main headlines. But finally, after years of mediocre upgrades, Apple unveiled the iPhone X and brought a much-needed design alteration to the company’s stale formula. But with a new iPhone coming later this fall, what is Apple going to do to this year?

Well according to the rumor mill, we are getting two sizes of the iPhone X, complete with OLED screen, but according to BGR, there will also be a new “cheaper” iPhone in a very unique size. With a screen size of 6.1-icnhes, this new iPhone comes in a body size that is slightly smaller than an iPhone 8 Plus. According to the report, this phone will also feature a full-body LCD screen instead of OLED, helping to keep costs in check. The body will also be made out of aluminum instead of stainless steel. Again, helping to keep costs down.


With rumors swirling that Apple will not continue producing the current style iPhone SE, could this phone be offered as an SE Plus? Considering the trend toward owning larger devices, it could be a very smart move for Apple to make a larger “cheap” device, but by keeping it smaller than the largest Apple device, it still provides incentive for those who really want an XL experience to upgrade to the OLED phone model.

Obviously this all still rumor and speculation at the moment, but all of the sources currently cited in the BGR report have long-standing track records for accuracy. Apple is expected to hold an iPhone event for its newest devices in September, so we likely don’t have much time to wait.

As always, keep your eyes locked on for the latest in tech news, rumors, reviews and information write-ups. We’ll be sure to post up all the news on the new iPhone as soon as we get it.

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