Is Nvidia About To Launch New GPUs?

Rumored press event suggests we may finally get new video cards

If you are a fan of high-end PC gaming, it finally looks like it might be time to get excited about new GPUs. It’s been more than two years since Nvidia launched a new generation of Graphics cards, and that has led to massive amounts of rumor-mongering and speculation, but it seems we may finally have some sort of solid evidence that fresh silicone is on its way.

A few weeks ago there was a scheduled event for august called Hot Chips where Nvidia had scheduled a keynote titled “Nvidia’s Next Generation Mainstream GPU.” Of course the internet jumped all-over that news and within a few days that event was completely wiped from the schedules. Now however, is reporting that Nvidia has started sending out journalist invites to a new event at Gamescom, an event that starts immediately after the Hot Chips event ends.

For all intents and purposes, it appears that Nvidia has tried to reschedule its GPU launch in attempts to hide the news and keep sales strong for their current lineup of cards.

Now normally we would discard a lot of rumors from as they have a history of posting less than accurate info, but lots of major sites with stricter content guidelines like The Verge have also begun posting about this particular story, so that leads us to believe that there may be some extra truth to this. As always, every rumor should be taken with some salt, but this time it seems you’ll need a lot less sodium chloride than usual.

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As for the cards themselves, the rumors are suggesting that the first card launched will be labeled as the GTX 1180, and it will replace the current 1080Ti as the fastest card in the Nvidia consumer lineup. We are expecting to see 12GB of GDDR6 memory onboard and overall performance increasing by about 30% over the current GTX 1080Ti.

That should give PC gamers a solid single-card solution to run AAA games at 4K resolutions at higher resolutions than ever before. Considering we are now seeing the launch of 4K screens with 144Hz refresh rates, these cards can’t come soon enough. No word on pricing either, but expect it to be somewhere in the range of “a lot” to “wait, how much?!”

The rumored event is just a little over month away, so we don’t have long to wait.

As always, keep your eyes locked here on to get any new updates on the potential launch of this exciting new product lineup.

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