Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Headphone Review

Truly Great Sound From Truly Wireless Headphones

M and D MW07 Review

Truly wireless headphones are an exciting new market category, but like all new markets, finding the best product can be a little difficult. Every company is trying something new or different to separate their product from the pack, and the result is a lot of good products that all have some sort of glaring fault.

Which brings us to Master & Dynamic’s entry into the segment, the MW07. With the brand’s already legendary focus on audio quality and design, these headphones look to be one of the bet new contenders in the market. But just how good are they? We’ve spent the last few weeks trying to figure that out.

What we discovered was one of the best sets of earbuds you can buy, with one big caveat.


First and foremost, the design of the new MW07 is worth discussing. In a sea of black and white nubs hanging out of people’s ears, Master & Dynamic has gone and created small pieces of art for your ears. Instead of using heavy metal or ugly plastic, the MW07 makes use of an acetate outer cover or the earphones, like you might find on nicer eyeglass frames, and it’s available in three stunning color designs. There is a classic tortoise shell and a “Gray Terrazzo” color, but we think the “Steel Blue” we have looks the best.

Finally, if you are a boring person with no sense of taste or style, there is a matte black version too.

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From a fit perspective, the MW07 features a special design touch Master & Dynamic have dubbed the “fit wing” that helps hold the earpieces in. It works remarkably well. We wore the MW07 while taking care of our horses, working on a car, doing some woodworking, and even while riding around the farm at slower speeds on an ATV. Not once did the MW07 come loose or dislodge. If you want a headphone you can run in, these will do great.

Even the charging case looks stylish with its polished stainless exterior. Be warned though, you’ll have to polish it yourself quite frequently as even glancing at it seems to cover it in fingerprints. It also seems to pick up scratches easier than you might expect, but we love a product that can develop a good patina.

But how do they sound?

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