Meet The Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes’s first electric SUV looks to be an astonishing one.

Mercedes EQC 2

If you are looking to buy either a Tesla Model X or a Jaguar I-Pace, Mereceds would kindly ask that you give their dealership a visit. The German company is throwing its hat into the ever expanding market of luxury EV crossovers with the new EQC, the brand’s first-ever electric SUV.

The new EQC is the start of an entirely new EQ brand lineup for Mercedes, and it marks the company’s charge into meaningful electrification of its cars. EQ supposedly stands for “Electric Intelligence” but we don’t know where the “I” and “Q” got mixed up either.

From a visual standpoint, the new EQC is actually quite stunning. It’s a start departure from the design language of a traditional Mercedes car or SUV, and we think it is a great change. It feels more fluid and futuristic in visual appeal than the company’s usual creations.

Under that sexy new body design you will find a pair electric motors that pump out a combined 402 horsepower, giving this particular family mover a 0-60 sprint of 4.9 seconds. That isn’t nearly enough to best the Tesla, but it is more than fast enough for any commute.

Keeping those motors fed with power is a 80 kWh battery that Mercedes claims is good for a range of nearly 280 miles. That covers most of the headlines, but if you are interested in learning even more about this new electric machine from Mercedes-Benz, we are going to direct you to the company’s press release, which we are including on the next page. It is almost 14,000 words long and covers details from the fancy fiber optic daytime running lamps all the way to information on the factory that will be building future EQ brand vehicles.

As this new car gets closer to release and we get more information about how it actually drives, what the range really is and more, we’ll be sure to come back with an update. Until then, enjoy that massive press release, or just browse through the photo gallery below.

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