Microsoft Jumping Into Game Streaming With xCloud Service

Xbox joins the race to gaming’s online future

Porject xCloud

We already covered Google’s new push into game streaming technologies with Project Stream, but like we mentioned in that article, they are not the only company giving this tech a shot. Just days after Google announced its new initiative; Microsoft let loose the news that they are working on something called xCloud. We knew the company had some sort of streaming plans when they mentioned it back at E3, but the tech didn’t have a name or a timeline. Aimed at Xbox gamers, this would allow Microsoft fans to play their favorite games on their home consoles, PC, or more importantly, even tier mobile devices.

To make this magic happen, the team in Redmond has built some special servers that basically just have multiple Xbox Ones crammed into them in a stacked configuration. That means there is no need for any kind of emulation software or extra processing overhead. That should result in better streaming, reduced bandwidth needs, and reduced latency. Which as we discussed before, is the biggest problem with these sorts of online systems.

We don’t have a lot of details yet, but Microsoft is saying that we will learn more in 2019. This is when they are planning on starting public trials to figure out the best way to utilize the service and iron any kinks.

If the technology works as well as Google’s own Project Stream service we tested, we can easily see ourselves spending a lot more time gaming on our cell phone and laptop.

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