Microsoft’s Surface Event Brought Big News, Big Surprises

Faster computers, Android magic, headphones and more.

Microsoft just held a huge event in New York to show off a ton of new Surface Products, and debut some incredible new features coming to Windows. Considering we were expecting little more than a light refresh of the company’s products, what we got instead was beyond exciting.

Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2

Let’s start with the expected stuff. Microsoft showed off new iterations of all it’s main computing products. The unimaginatively named Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 arrive with faster processors courtesy of Intel’s 8th Gen chips, and are now being offered in a slick all-black finish. Both are now offering battery life well in excess of 12 hours, and pricing starts at $900 for the Surface Pro, with the Laptop coming in at $1000.

For the folks who love big format displays and desktop computing, Microsoft also debuted a second generation of the Surface Studio. On the outside it looks nearly identical to the version that debuted two years ago, complete with trick hinge that lets it lay flat, but the insides have seen a solid upgrade. Along with new CPUs, Microsoft says that graphic performance is dramatically improved thanks to an updated Nvidia GPU. Sadly it’s a Pascal-generation chip, so no fancy new ray-tracing tech. Coupled with that improved graphical power is a new display. Apparently it is 38-percent brighter and has 22-percent more contrast, both of which should be appreciated by content creators. The new machine is still compatible with the old Surface Dial (no new model of that was announced) and it comes with an updated Surface Pen in the box.

Sadly that box comes with a pretty hefty price tag. You can’t even look at a Surface Studio 2 until you hand over $3,500 and if you start ticking option boxes you could be staring at a bill of $4,800. It won’t start shipping until November 15th, so you have a few weeks to start saving up at least.

Now that we got the computer stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the really exciting stuff that was announced.

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