Netflix Gets Some Great Releases in January

Get the popcorn ready, you have a lot of stuff to watch in the new year.

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When the weather gets cold and the days get short, there is little we love more than flipping over to Netflix, grabbing a big mug full of something warm, and binging for a few hours on some great entertainment. Thankfully for those of you who also enjoy a good Netflix binge, January is bringing some incredible movies, and a massive collection of new Netflix Originals to enjoy.

While this isn’t a full list of all the new stuff coming, we wanted to take a minute and highlight some of things we are looking forward to the most on the January release schedule.

Netflix Living Room


Netflix has a strong catalogue of original content, and it’s only getting bigger in 2019. Along with the third season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, we have a new season of Grace and Frankie coming. For you Kimi Schmidt fans out there, we are finally getting the end of season 4, and we can’t forget Marvel’s The Punisher season 2, which could be the last major Marvel series on the Netflix platform.

Pans Labyrinth

Can’t Miss Classics

Some of the most exciting films coming to Netflix this January are actually pretty old. Some of these are old, and some of them are relatively new, but every one of them holds a very special place in the cinematic landscape. We’d like to start with Monty Python and the Holy Grail. One of the most iconic comedies of all time is coming to the Streaming service towards the end of the month, and it will join another “dumb comedy” in January, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

On the action and adventure side of film making, one of the most famous films of all time is coming to Netflix, Pulp Fiction. The most exciting addition however is Pan’s Labyrinth. This Guillermo del Toro film is one of the highest rated films of all time, and it tells a much more haunting and entrancing tale than you might expect. It follows many basic fairy tale tropes, but the characters and atmosphere elevate this film well past it’s peers.

Solo Movie

Get Read For Action!

If you just want to spend a few hours with some eye candy and explosions, there is a lot coming for you in January. If you are a fan of dungeons, booby traps and punching Nazis, all four Indian Jones films are coming in January. See Harrison Ford at his finest in this quartet of classics.

Of course, you can skip Indian Jones and instead enjoy the best dungeon heist movies of all time, The Mummy and Mummy Returns starring Brendan Frasier. Yes, we said they are better than Indian Jones, deal with it.

If you want a Harrison Ford story without Harrison Ford, Solo: A Star Wars Story is hitting Netflix. Keeping that Disney train rolling we also have the latest MCU movie, Ant Man and The Wasp, with the more family friendly Incredibles 2 arriving right at the end of the month.

And our final movie for the list is for all of those superhero fans who like their heroes to be a little less super and lot more conflicted, Watchmen.


Go Forth and Binge

Regardless of your personal tastes, Netflix is certainly bringing you something to Enjoy in January. From classic British comedy to gritty superheroes and a pile of artistic visions and original series filling all the gaps in between, the start of 2019 looks to be a pretty great one for all the fans of streaming entertainment.

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