Nintendo Could Be Planning An Upgraded Switch Console For 2019

A new Wall Street Journal report points to improved hardware.

In an era where slightly improved, revised or upgraded hardware for consoles has become common place, this new may not be that surprising. The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Nintendo is working on some sort of improved hardware for the Switch that will debut in 2019. The report claims that Nintendo wants to keep the Switch’s strong sales momentum, and an upgraded piece of hardware could be enough to keep the console in buyer’s minds as we roll into the 2019 holiday season.

Sadly the report is light on solid details, but it’s not hard to imagine some ideal improvements for Nintendo’s latest home console. One of the biggest items that could see a boost would be the Switch’s internal screen. With a resolution of just 720p, and an LCD that has a hard time coping with direct sunlight, an upgraded display panel could be a perfect upgrade. If Nintendo moved to an OLED display, that would improve color, resolution, and could even improve battery life. It would also allow Nintendo to shrink bezel sizes, giving users a bigger screen in a device that is the same physical size.

One thing likely won’t see is more processing power. Since the Switch has been built with Nvidia’s X1 processor, and there are no signs of an upgraded version coming anytime soon, we don’t see any real upgrade path for improved graphics performance.

What do you guys think? Would upgrades would Nintendo need to bring to make you upgrade your Switch? If you don’t have a Switch yet, what would Nintendo need to add to make you finally pull the trigger on a purchase?

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