Nintendo Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Nintnedo Switch Console

The holidays are rolling in, and it’s time for you to start thinking about gifts. To make your shopping trips a little easier, we are building a series of guides to help pick out the best and must-have holiday tech presents.

We are focusing on gaming here, specifically on Nintendo. If you want to see gifts ideas for Playstation or Xbox, you can click through either of those links.

But enough with the introductions, lets get into the good stuff.

Switch Console

The big ticket item for any Nintendo fan is still the Nintendo Switch console. This curious hybrid handheld/TV console has stolen the hearts and wallets of tens of millions around the globe. With the ability to play it almost anywhere, lots of incredibly good first-party Nintendo games, and an online market full of promising independent game releases, the Switch is the best console to come from Nintendo in years.

It still has lackluster online support, and the game library will always lack the biggest names thanks to the console’s underpowered hardware, but the Nintendo Switch still could be the must-have gaming device for lots of families this year.

Snes Mini

SNES or NES Classic Mini

If you already have a Switch, want to spend a little less money, or if you just love vintage games, one of Nintendo’s Mini consoles might be what you are looking for. Each one of these little boxes looks like a shrunken replica of consoles past, and they come loaded with a collection of the best games every released for the respective systems. From Mario and Metroid to Zelda and Star Fox there is sure to be a game that you love from your childhood.

It can also be a great way to introduce the younger generations to the amazing gameplay experiences that helped define the genres they love today.

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