Nvidia’s New RTX Family Of Graphics Cards Is Official

The most powerful consumer chips the company has ever produced. Also the most expensive.


August appears to be the month of powerful PCs. Just a few weeks after AMD showed off the world’s most powerful desktop CPU, Nvidia hit the stage at Gamescom to reveal the world’s most powerful graphics cards as part of a totally new lineup of “RTX” GPUs. The new RTX lineup includes the RTX 2070, the RTX 2080 and the big-boy RTX 2080 Ti.

Nvidia has moved away from the GTX branding for its latest line of GPUS to signify the move to a new architecture and rendering technology. The RTX signifies graphics chips that are capable of real-time ray tracing graphics, a true technological leap in rendering technology. The cards will all retain the GeForce branding, however. New, faster GDDR6 memory also joins the party for the first time.

The new graphics cards were revealed during a lengthy press conference on Monday morning, which you can watch here if you want to. If you want to skip the video for now and jump straight to the headlines, we have you covered.

First off is pricing. The RTX 2080 Ti is the most expensive card, starting with an MSRP of $999. Unfortunately, we have seen no cards on pre-order for anything near that price, with most of these new GPUs launching with prices in the $1200 range. The cheaper 2080 starts at $699 and the 2070 will launch at $499. But again, take these prices with a grain of salt. Unless sales are incredibly slow, we don’t expect to see cards offered for prices this low.

But just how fast are they?

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