Our Top Six 4K UHD Blu-Rays To Show Off Your Ultimate Living Room

We showed you how to build it, now let us show you the best things to watch and own.

4K Blu Ray

Now that you know the keys to building the ultimate living room entertainment setup, you probably want to show it off. While we gave you a great list of places to find all the content you would ever want, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the greatest examples of movies that show off the real power of your new system. Movies that have exemplary visuals or extraordinary sound design, the kinds of showcases that can wow your friends and really push the limits of all your new gear. In short, these are the best movies to start your collection with.

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Planet Earth II

When the world first moved into the world of high-definition video, the BBC series Planet Earth was one of the ultimate showcases of the new technology. Unbelievable scenery was coupled with some of the most beautiful cinematography this side of an art film, and it was all wrapped up with beautiful surround sound effects and David Attenborough’s velvet voiceover.

The new edition of Planet Earth brings that same level of breathtaking visuals to the 4K world. The HDR implementation is also industry-leading, making every scene breath with more life thanks to incredible color reproduction and expanded contrast. If you can only own one HDR video, make it this one. Audio is still incredible, but sadly it doesn’t feature Atmos, DTS:X or any other form of 3D positional audio, you’re stuck with traditional 5.1 surround.

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If you want a movie that is as fun as it is funny, it’s hard to beat the original Deadpool. Thankfully, aside from being one of the best Marvel films to date, it is also an astounding demonstration of a UHD film. It was one of the first films that was created using a true 4K master, and thanks to the mix of high-quality footage and modern day CGI, it features a really great HDR implementation. The stark red of the suit against the brightly lit cityscapes of the movie all look wonderful. And then we get to the audio.

The fun music and aggressive sound effects make an Atmos system come to life. Bullets whiz by your head, explosions fill the room, and the sharp and witty banter from Ryan Reynolds attacks your ears from all sides. This film is truly a great reference for your local home theatre. The only downside to this movie is the lack of Dolby Vision support.

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If you want a great war film to really exploit the visual power of your new TV, you should look at Dunkirk. Despite being a movie with a dark and desaturated look, this epic battle film is a perfect demonstration for the power of HDR. The expanded level of contrast allows this particular film to take on some incredible depth. Remember, HDR is mainly about expanding the dynamic range between the darkest and lightest parts of a scene. A dark and moody film like this is a great demonstration of just how powerful this new technology can really be when implemented properly. Sadly, there is no Atmos support in Dunkirk, although the audio is still exemplary. If you want a war film to stretch your Atmos system, You can pick up Hacksaw Ridge.

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