Roku Expands Device Lineup With Wireless Speakers

Upgrade your smart TV with smarter sound


Roku is already making some of our favorite streaming devices, and the company has even grown to include their hardware directly into televisions. Now Roku is taking the next step into the home entertainment market by introducing a set of wireless stereo speakers unimaginatively named the Roku Wireless TV Speakers.

Before you get too excited, we want to say right of the gate, these are no speakers that will replace your dedicated home theater system. Instead, these speakers are meant to augment your TV viewing experience with fuller and more enhanced audio, while being as affordable and easy to use as possible. Think of them as a nice alternative to a simple soundbar.

Compared to a soundbar there are some distinct advantages and disadvantages to Roku’s speaker pair. For starters, having split speakers means you can get very good stereo separation. It also means it is easier to arrange and “hide” the speakers if you are using a wall-mounted TV and prefer a cleaner setup. However, the much smaller size of the enclosure and drivers means you are likely going to lose out on some low-end bass compared to a larger soundbar.

One place the Roku speakers appear to excel is in user friendly features. The connection process, for example, is as easy as plugging the in the speakers and pressing the connect button on the back. The speakers will automatically look for your Roku device and connect through Wi-Fi. Since the speakers and Roku can directly talk to each other, there is no need to worry about audio sync issues as the devices will automatically calibrate together. If you are worried about latency issues for gaming, Roku also has you covered, and it includes a game mode that automatically switches back to the TV speakers.

The speakers are launching in July, and they come packaged with a voice remote and a table remote. Pricing will be $199.9, but Roku is offering discounted prices for pre-orders.

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