Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors Leak Out

Headlines include new device sizes, and new fingerprint technology


The Galaxy Note 9 isn’t even out yet, but it seems we already have some major leaks about the Galaxy S10’s that should be arriving next spring. Business Insider is quoting a report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a man with a solid record in the past.

First big piece of news from Kuo is that Samsung is expanding the Galaxy S10 lineup to three screen sizes, instead of two. The report says there will be a 5.8”, a 6.1” and 6.4”, a change from the current 5.8” and 6.2” phones that currently make up the Galaxy S9 and S9+. This change will bring the Galaxy family devices closer in line with Apple’s three upcoming iPhones.

Despite the new larger screen sizes, the physical footprint of the upcoming S10 is expected to stay roughly the same. Samsung is focusing on increasing screen ratio to put a larger display into the same size device.

Along with the changes screen sizes, Samsung is also rumored to be debuting an in-screen fingerprint scanner. Both Samsung and Apple were working on this technology before last year’s phone launches, but neither of them could get it right. Since then, Apple appears to have abandoned the fingerprint technology in favor of Face ID, so Kuo expect Samsung to hammer the in-screen fingerprint reader in advertising.

Sadly, the report says that only the two larger S10 devices will make use of this new ultrasonic fingerprint reader, whereas the smallest phone is said to get a fingerprint reader mounted into the side power button.

Of course this is all still rumor and speculation, but it appears the Samsung is on the path to creating the most compelling phone of 2019. Hopefully they still manage to keep the headphone jack.

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