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Taking a look at the world of smart helmets and the future of motorcycling.

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The future of cars is easy to see. Advanced electric drivetrains, autonomous drive functionality, and ever increased safety technology. But what does the future look like for fans of two-wheeled transportation? There are a few companies testing out electric motorcycles, and for the wealthy riders out there, a few smart helmet technologies have been released, but what about the masses? This is where the new Momentum INC helmet from SENA comes in. A combination safety helmet and smart communications device, with an affordable price, points towards a more connected future for motorcycles, and we got a chance to spend some time with it.

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While it looks to be a normal helmet from the outside, the Momentum INC packs a pretty massive collection of technology into a sleek package. SENA is a communications company that makes external comms units for communication between multiple motorcyclists. These units are aftermarket and need to be attached to the outside of helmets making for a less than ideal installation. Now SENA has decided that wanted to make their own helmet and integrate all the electronics into the helmet, creating an all-in-one solution. And then they wanted to take it one step further, and they added in an intelligent noise cancellation feature, which is where the INC name comes from.

That means that this one helmet can allow me to receive GPS voice instructions, make phone calls, talk to other riders, protect me in a crash, and protect my hearing on long rides, and it does it all without any major configuration or installation steps.

On paper it sounds brilliant, but how good is it really?

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