Should You Buy The Sony A7 III?

Is Sony’s latest good enough to make you get rid of your old gear?


Sony’s new A7 III ticks all the right boxes for a new camera wish list, but how exactly does it stack up against the competition from Nikon, Canon and Panasonic?

Well hey, look, it’s a handy chart!

Sony A7 III Canon 5D IV Nikon D850 Panasonic GH5
Sensor Size Full-Frame Full-Frame Full-Frame Micro 4/3
Megapixels 24.2 30.4 45.7 20.3
Max ISO 204,800 102,400 102,400 25,600
Burst Rate 10 fps 7 fps 9 fps 12 fps
Video 4K/30 – 1080/120 4K/30 – 1080/60 4K/30 – 1080/120 4K/60 – 1080/240
HDR Yes No No Yes
MSRP $1,999 $3,299 $3,299 $1,999

When you break it down into simple numbers, two major trends appear very quickly. Firstly, if you are focused on doing high-quality photography above everything else, you are likely better off with a more traditional DSLR from Canon or Nikon. They are pricier and bulkier, but with much higher resolutions you have more room for edits and corrections later on.

If you couldn’t care about photography work at all and just need a great video device, the Panasonic GH5 is nearly unbeatable. It’s the only camera in the class to record full 4K video at 60 fps, and it offers in-camera encoding of HDR footage at 4K/30. Another segment first. But the Micro 4/3 sensor size dramatically limits its usability in low-light settings, and in general makes every facet of shooting still images inferior when compared to a full-frame camera.

And that leaves us with the Sony A7 III. Like we said in our initial piece on the release of this camera, Sony has really chased a Goldilocks-esque set of performance parameters here. The resolution is not the highest, but it certainly isn’t the lowest in the class. Video production qualities are near the top of the segment in nearly every specification, and the mirrorless design makes it smaller and lighter than any DSLR could hope for.

Combine those nearly the best features with unbeatable low-light performance and a stellar price tag, and the Sony looks like it could be the perfect do-everything device for new buyers or upgraders of old equipment.

But what if you already own a nice DSLR or mirrorless camera, is the A7 III good enough to make you upgrade?

What do you think?

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