Start The New Year Right With These Smart Health Devices

Using technology to turn a resolution into a life change.


Every new year a lot of folks decide it is time to start focusing a bit more seriously on their health. We know how hard it can be to adjust to a healthier lifestyle, so we wanted to help. We have put together a small collection of smart devices that can all be used to keep track of your progress, improve your overall health, and help make it easier to meet your goals.

These are not the only products out there to help, but hopefully they can help some of you out, or at least help you to think about ways that modern technology can work to make your goals easier to achieve.


Fitness Band

This is probably the most obvious first choice, but it is worth mentioning. Having a fitness band like the new Fitbit Charge 3 or even the Apple Watch can dramatically improve your journey to a healthier life. Having an easily visible way to keep track of your fitness progress during the day, combined with a sharability that allows others in your life to help keep you accountable, these devices have years of evidence to show their effectiveness. While we do think that Fitbit and Apple make some of the best modes out there right now, there are dozens of choices at various price points. Just find one that works best for you.


Smart Scale

Another great item to keep in your house to help you keep track of your progress is a smart scale. Using companion apps, these scales can help keep a log of your weight, hydration levels and muscle mass. By tracking these metrics over time you can adjust your exercise routines, water intake and more to make every week even more productive than the last. Having the higher end scale that shows you muscle percentage can also help prevent people from giving up. When weight loss slows, seeing muscle mass increase can help keep you motivated.


Sous Vide Cooker

The most crucial part of any health plan is going to be nutrition. Meal prep is one of the best things you can do to keep your food intake on track, and having a sous vide cooker can make this process dramatically easier. You can cook an entire week’s worth of meals all at once with a cooker like our Anova. Just bag up several chicken breasts, bag up your veggies, set the water temp and throw it all in a for a few hours. Come back later, and you can throw all that stuff in a hot pan to sear it really quick, and all your meals are ready for a whole week.

A Sous Vide cooker is also great for making egg dishes like small scramble bites or hard boiled eggs, great for gym snacks and quick breakfasts.

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Smart Mattress

One thing people seem to neglect the most when trying to live a healthier life is their sleep. Your rest and recovery is every bit as important as the amount of work you put towards exercise and nutrition. There are now multiple companies producing mattresses and sleeping pads with integrated smart features. Some features include heating elements, sleep tracking, adjustable firmness and more. By maximizing your sleep, you can in turn maximize your effectiveness during the day.

For a bonus extra, some of these bed devices can sync to alarm clocks to help optimize when you wake up.

Check out companies like Sleep Number and Eight Sleep to see some of the types of products we are talking about.


Best of Luck

Making a meaningful life change to improve your health is not easy. But like all good things in life, the effort required is worth the pay off. We all wish you the absolute best of luck, and hopefully these product suggestions can be the push you need to get healthy, and more importantly, stay healthy.

Keep working at it, and you will reach your goals.

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