The Apple Watch Series 4 Is Official

Here are the first details of Apple’s new watch.

Apple Watch

The biggest addition to Apple’s newest watch is all new screens. With more than a 30-percent improvement in screen real estate, crammed into slightly larger housings that are thinner, the Series 4 Apple Watch is now more useful at a glance and more comfortable to wear. The screen also features more pronounced curves in the edges which make them look more integrated into the device.

Apple has also improved the Digital Crown interfacing system, the microphone and the speaker. The Digital Crown has built in haptic feedback, making it feel like it “clicks” which should allow for improved navigation through long lists. The speaker is now twice as loud, which makes using features like Siri and making phone calls much nicer. The microphone has been moved to the opposite side of the watch, which should reduce feedback and interference from the speaker.

The casing is improved as well for the Series 4. The back of the case is no longer metal, instead it has been swapped over to black ceramic and sapphire crystal. It looks a little classier, and Apple claims that it helps to improve cellular signal thanks to improved signal transparency.

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Pricing starts at $399, and it goes up for pre-order on Friday Sept 14, with units shipping September 21st.

We’ll have a lot more info to come about the new Apple Watch, as well as the new iPhones, over the next few days. Just keep it locked here on for all the news.

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