Watch Nvidia’s Gamescom Conference and RTX 2080 Ti Reveal

Every second of the Nvidia event, captured in HD for your enjoyment.

Nvidia RTX

We already told you about Nvidia’s newest lineup of graphics cards for gamers, but we left out a lot of information. All-in the press conference was near two hours, and there was some seriously deep discussion about the deeper points of the technology that is found inside of these new chips. With a video so long and dense, we didn’t feel we could adequately cover the announcement without hitting you with 10 pages of boring text. So instead we just hit the high points.

For those of you readers who really love tech and have a few hours of spare time, we have this video for you here. It is the full video livestream from the event, and every awkward pause and slice of information is present and accounted for. This video also features all of Nvidia’s own before and after content from the actual keynote, so we went ahead and fast forwarded to the main event. So please, don’t let the five-plus hour timer scare you.

If you watch that whole thing and still can’t get enough Nvidia RTX information, then keep your eyes on We should have some more information available for you in the coming weeks regarding performance, benchmarks and more.

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Nvidia’s New RTX Family Of Graphics Cards Is Official


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