What Is Sous Vide, And Why Should You Care?

Bringing High Tech Cooking To Your Kitchen

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If you are looking for a way to use technology to make your cooking experience even better, we need to talk about sous vide. It’s a fancy French phrase that means “under vacuum” but what it really means is a foolproof way to cook meat that will rival many boutique steak houses.

To start, let’s break down what a sous vide cooker actually is. Almost all modern cookers look like a simple cylinder on top, but they are actually extremely precise water heating devices. The cooker is designed to heat water and hold it at a very exact temperature. In most cases, to a single tenth of a degree.

This heated water is circulated constantly to keep the temperature even and it is this precisely heated water that actually cooks your food. The phrase “under vacuum” is used to describe the food itself, as the food you are cooking in the water bath is sealed into a plastic vacuum bag. This allows the heat of the water to cook the food without the water actually interfering with the taste or cooking process of that food.

You basically make an extremely precise water-oven to cook food with.

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