Will It High Tech? – The Vintage Motorcycle

Making a 40 year old motorcycle feel fresh again


When it comes to the march of progress, technology is swift and aggressive. In merely a few short years the most advanced technology in the world can be made utterly obsolete by advancements, improvements, and optimizations. But for other technology, the march of progress is dramatically slower. The axe made today is barely different from the axe forged 500 years ago.

But what about your car or motorcycle?

On the surface, the automobile has changed dramatically in the last few decades alone. We have EVs, crumple zones, radar-guided cruise control, GPS, and more. But underneath that fancy shell and all those add-on technologies, the car of today is broadly similar to cars from the early 1900s. Internal combustion engines, making use of exploding gasoline to push a piston, all mounted to a frame and some rubber wheels.

That got us thinking, since most of the advanced technology is stuff that has been added onto the base idea of “a car” is there a way to make something much older feel more modern? In that vein, could you do it to a motorcycle? Honda just announced its all-new 2019 CB300R, and we happen to have a 1970 Honda CL350 Scrambler just sitting in our driveway.

How close to all the advanced tech and features can we get by just adding things to our vintage bike? Can we make FOUR decades of advancements just by bolting on a few extra pieces? We decided to do some research and see how far we could get.

What do you think?

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